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Meet Alex


Photo Credit Monique Feil Photography, Overlooking China Seas, 2019

   Beginning in 2010 as a cleaner and kickboxing instructor, while working through school for fitness and wellness, my career grew early roots in the core concept of helping people feel great in their bodies and homes.  The desire to provide as much service and value as possible lead to the eventual study of all things wholeness and wellness, from the inside, out.

   Whether it was working in homes- decluttering, organizing, or Feng Shui- or in personal training, I found that all of my clients had in common that they wanted to see aspects of their lives transform, they had mental, emotional, or other circumstantial blocks that they needed perspective and assistance with, and they needed accountability, or community, to help keep them motivated and connected to their progress.

 It was through the combination of these experiences, my ongoing research and studies, and personally overcoming my own struggles and challenges with physical, emotional, environmental, social, financial, mental and energetic wellness that I came to develop the methods and resources I have today.  It is this unique combination of knowledge and practices, along with my genuine desire to provide value and support for my clients' well being, that I implement.  My aim is to help my clients release any and all obstacles, to optimize their time and energy, and to see, feel, and experience the true impact and transformation of the life they are seeking.

My Journey with Transformation: A History

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